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If you're ready to book your six or twelve month private coaching sessions now, you can email nicole@nicolekwhiting.com.

If you have any questions, or would like to speak with Nicole before committing to 1-1 coaching, you can schedule a 30-minute complimentary consultation call with Nicole below.

This would be a great option if you are unclear on how Nicole could specifically help support you, if you want to understand the process of coaching or want to get a better idea of who Nicole is as a human and a coach. 

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You understand (logically) that in order to make brave, independent choices about the way you want to live your life, you need to take action.

And yet, there can be such intense internal pressure to always get “it” right, taking a step in any direction feels next to impossible.

If you’re ready to make meaningful change, cultivate more satisfying relationships, navigate your business/career, expand your emotional experience, flirt with the edges of your potential, or simply come home to yourself—Nicole is opening TWO private coaching packages exclusive to NUSHU Society.

12 month private coaching sessions will be available for $15K.
6 month private coaching sessions will be available for $8K.

Private coaching sessions include:
  • Two monthly Zoom or phone coaching sessions
  • One monthly group coaching session (open to all her 1:1 clients)
  • Online community for engagement and communication between sessions via Mighty Networks
  • Additional customization available after initial session

Coaching packages

Nicole Whiting is a Master Life Coach and Doctoral Student in Somatic Psychology specializing in human relationships, human potential, and human healing. To Nicole, coaching is a commitment to see and be seen, and to do life with each other in vulnerability.

Her work is grounded in patience, compassion, vulnerability, and care—and while she’s a seasoned professional, it’s often said she feels more like the wise friend you’ve always hoped for.

Nicole is dedicated to helping her clients decode the language of their bodies and behaviors through the lens of science and story, allowing the door to open into a more deeply satisfying, engaged life — and most importantly — a homecoming to self.

About Nicole Whiting

“I'm not even sure I can put into words what my experience with Nicole has been like. It was and continues to be beyond anything I thought it could be. She's endlessly empathetic, patient, and brilliant. She pushes me to think in different ways, and she's always able to weave in relatable experiences.” — Pam 

“Nicole might honestly be the most grounded, calming presence I've ever come into contact with. Speaking with her made me feel seen and loved — even before she knew me. She has that gift and is truly one-of-a-kind.” — Caroline

“Where to start. She's incredible. Incredible. Working with Nicole has impacted my relationship with my husband, my friends, my clients, and my colleagues. I feel less pressure to say yes to everything, to please everyone all the time. And I'm not worrying so much about “Oh, no, what will they think of me if I do this, or if I do that,” it's like something's been rewired in my head.” — Georgina

“I feel capable, confident, and able to believe in myself when others believe in me (instead of thinking they’re just saying this and are wrong). Now I know I can do things that seem impossible a little at a time.” — Helen